Scratch 1.4 Book

Scratch 1.4 Beginner’s Guide is a Scratch programming book published by Packt Publishing. Scratch 1.4 remains in widespread use, especially among Raspberry Pi users and other non-flash operating systems. This book is still relevant and will give you the foundation concepts in Plain English. Read a sample chapter.

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Learn to program while creating interactive stories, games, and multimedia projects using Scratch.

  • Create interactive stories, games, and multimedia projects that you can reuse in your own classroom
  • Learn computer programming basics – no computer science degree required
  • Connect with the Scratch community for inspiration, advice, and collaboration
  • Provides hands-on projects that help you learn by experiment and play

This hands-on tutorial teaches you the basics of computer programming using Scratch, a drag-and-drop language, so you can teach your students how to think and create digitally.

In More Detail

This book provides teachers, parents, and new programmers with a guided tour of Scratch’s features by creating projects that can be shared, remixed, and improved upon in your own lesson plans. Soon you will be creating games, stories, and animations by snapping blocks of “code” together.

When you program you solve problems. In order to solve problems, you think, take action, and reflect upon your efforts. Scratch teaches you to program using a fun, accessible environment that’s as easy as dragging and dropping blocks from one part of the screen to another.

In this book you will program games, stories, and animations using hands-on examples that get you thinking and tinkering. For each project, you start with a series of steps to build something. Then you pause to put our actions into context so that you can relate our code to the actions on Scratch’s stage. Throughout each chapter, you’ll encounter challenges that encourage you to experiment and learn.

One of the things you’re really going to love is that, as you begin working through the examples in the book, you won’t be able to stop your imagination and the ideas will stream as fast as you can think of them. Write them down. You’ll quickly realize there are a lot of young minds in your home, classroom, or community group that could benefit from Scratch’s friendly face. Teach them, please.

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5 thoughts on “Scratch 1.4 Book”

  1. How do I change from using the scratch 1.4 default program that comes with noobs operating system of raspberry Pi to scratch 2.0 offline editor.

  2. Unfortunately, Scratch 2.0 is not usable on the Pi. It’s a flash based app now and the offline version uses Adobe Air.


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