Run Scratch from Flash Drives

Do you need to overcome security restrictions in your computer lab that prevent you from installing Scratch onto the workstations? Or maybe, you always want to ensure you have access to a working installation of Scratch.

Thankfully, Scratch will run on a usb flash drive and the Scratch download page provides a zip file that you can extract right onto the drive. You’ll need to look carefully for the link to the zip file. It’s buried in body copy.

Mac Users can install the dmg file to your flash drive.

Download the zip file and extract it to your flash drive. By default, you’ll extract the files to a Scratch folder on the flash drive.

To open Scratch go your USB drive , open the Scratch folder, and double click on the scratch.exe file.

Add Scratch to PortableApps provides a convenient way for users to run many popular open source applications, such as OpenOffice.Org and Firefox from a flash drive. The suite provides a menu of applications when you click on the icon in the Windows System Tray.

While the applications available directly from have their own installers, adding Scratch to the Portable Apps menu is as simple as moving the Scratch program files to the right folder on the flash drive.

The PortableApps suite creates a PortableApps folder on the root of the flash drive with all the applications listed in a subfolder of the PortableApps folder.
To make Scratch appear on the menu, extract the Scratch program files to the PortableApps folder; for example, E:\PortableApps\Scratch.

To make the PortableApps menu display the Scratch icon, open the PortableApps menu then select Options > Refresh App Icons.

That’s a quick little hack. Anyone up for creating a real portable app installer, which would optimize Scratch for the flash drive?

This information adapted and reposted from chapter 2 of Scratch 1.4 Beginner’s Guide.

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