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Tutorials and information about Scratch Jr, (the programming environment for young kids).

Introduction to PBS Kids Scratch Jr

In this clip, Cameron gives us the quick introduction to what’s different in the PBS Kids ScratchJr app that was released today. You can find it in your app store.

Some below the fold tech stuff: Despite a recent post promoting the Andy Android Emulator, I had to install a different emulator (Bluestacks) to get the PBS version of Scratch to run. Andy runs Android 4.2 and the PBS Kids ScratchJr app requires Android 4.4. Yikes – the two scratch versions have different system requirements.

How to Run ScratchJr on Windows and Mac

I remember anticipating the release of ScratchJr, and thought the planned IPad debut played into my good fortune. Then ScratchJr was released, and I realized that my first generation IPad was not supported because the OS was too old. The Android release didn’t do me any good either as I didn’t have an Android based tablet.

No ScratchJr for me.

I remember searching for visualization solutions, but came up empty. Then in a turn of good fortune, I found Andy.

The Andy Android Emulator for PC and Mac emulates a full Android OS for mobile applications using VMware. It’s a fully functional, independent Android operating system that runs as an application in Windows or Mac. And best of all there’s a free version; no cost isn’t required, but it’s nice.

Screenshot of the Android emulator known as Andy.
Screenshot of the Android emulator known as Andy.

So, I downloaded and installed Andy. Andy installs and run just like any other application your PC/Mac. The only difference is that the application is a full-blown Android operating system.

There was no real configuration needed, and when Andy launched, I opened the Google Play Store and found ScratchJr.

Now, I’ve finally got my son programming with ScratchJr (he has previously dabbled with Scratch on the Raspberry Pi), and he’s loving it.

If you’ve been meaning to try ScratchJr, but lack one of the needed tablets and the justifications to buy one, give Andy a try.

Download Andy Android Emulator.