Scratch 2.0 Book Sample Chapter

Scratch 2.0 Book cover

Scratch 2.0 Beginner’s Guide by Michael Badger

Packt has published Chapter 8, Chatting with a Fortune Teller as a sample chapter.

In the Breakout game we created in the previous chapters, we learned how easy it is to create projects that keep track of the changing values by using variables. However, variables have a limitation in they store only one value at a time. In this chapter, we’re going to create a random fortune-spewing teller,which will require the sprites to have access to a list of multiple values at one time.

Welcome to lists. In Scratch, a list feature allows us to associate one list with multiple items or values in almost the same way we create a list before going to the grocery store. We can think of the items in the list as variables. Each list item can be changed, removed, or added to.

Read the chapter here.

Scratch 2.0 Offline

Scratch Server MaintenanceGot a server maintenance message when I visited the Scratch 2.0 website, and I had two immediate reactions. First, Scratch 2.0 is dependent on a working internet connection, and there are many points of failure for the internet.

Second, the maintenance message instructs you to download Scratch 1.4! I’m wondering why the link doesn’t point to the Scratch 2.0 offline editor.

Now the internet and websites go up and down like a yo-yo. It’s a fact of life. Are you protected? Do you have an offline version of Scratch installed on your computer? You should.

Here are the offline versions: