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Free Spaceship Sprites

Always on the lookout for open artwork, here’s a nice set of space sprites that I will be using for my column in Raspberry Pi Geek Magazine.

Download: space_sprites_gamedevtuts. Includes .psd source files.

Attribution: These sprites were designed by Jacob Zinman-Jeanes ( for Gamedevtuts+ ( They’re licensed under the CC BY 3.0 license:

Milton Public Library Open House

Title: Milton Public Library Open House
Location: Milton, PA
Description: I will be at the Milton Public Library’s open house on April 29, 2012 to drum up interest in a Scratch workshop at the new library. Come by and express your support of the library and for Scratch.

Location: The New Milton Public Library at Rose Hill
Address: 541 Broadway
City: Milton, PA
Phone: 570-742-7111

Start Time: 1400
Date: 2012-04-29
End Time: 1600